So this is Project Phoenix's fourth writing challenge. There will be two prompts: a picture and a word prompt. You can write a story for either or both prompts. If you do write it, post it on FF.Net and provide the following in the comments:
  • Author name
  • Story name
  • Link to story
  • What challenge it answers
These challenges are by no means mandatory. If you're inspired, write it! :) I'll read each and every entry and review it. Once all the nominees are in, I'll select a Winner for each prompt. Here's what you get if you win:
  • A place in the "Project Phoenix" community
  • A review from moi
  • A chance to be put on the Bucket List
  • More exposure to the fandom
As you can see, it isn't much. I hope to change that as FM grows, but we'll see. Here are the tentative dates:
  • October 31, 2013: Contest begins for both prompts
  • April 5, 2014: Contest ends for both prompts
  • April 12, 2014: Winners are announced
If you're interested, click on the "Read More" to find out what the challenges are!
Word Prompt: Demons
Write a story about a character's demons. What are they afraid of? What actions or memories or people are they haunted by? What addictions or harmful habits do they struggle with?

  • Stories must be over 1,000 words.
  • Original Characters are allowed, as long as a canon character also plays an important role, or vice versa.
  • Stories can be a oneshot or multichaptered (multichaptered ones don't need to be complete in order to be entered!)

Entries for this prompt:
Picture Prompt: Plunge
Use the scene illustrated in the picture below at some point in your story. (And yes, that picture is oriented correctly.) The scene can happen in any matter of ways - in a dream, "real life," prophecy, off a cliff, off a building, etc. etc. Make it happen. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! :)

  • Stories must be over 750 words, and can be a oneshot or multichaptered.
  • Original Characters are allowed, as long as a canon character plays an important supporting role, or vice versa.

Entries for this prompt:
  • None yet!
Picture Prompt: Plunge

11/02/2013 8:14pm

Author name: notyourleo
Story name: our human frailties
Link to story:
What challenge it answers : Demons

03/28/2014 7:22pm

author name: stanzas
story name: vii probatio
challenge answered: the plunge

10/13/2014 4:21pm

Author name: Alyyang123
Story Name: melting wax wings
Challenge: Plunge


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