The Phoenix Project: Review #1 
Luke. Thalia. Annabeth. Fate brought them together, and fate tore them apart. COMPLETE.
So. Wow. I'm not sure my words can give this story justice.

I've read lots of fanfics that are about Luke, Thalia and Annabeth pre-Camp Half-Blood, but inkbender really put her own twist on the story. I like how she doesn't start off with Luke, Thalia and Annabeth going straight to Camp Half-Blood, but instead begins the story with a young Luke hiding from May Castellan. That was a part that definitely hooked me.

Another part of this story that I really enjoyed was how Homeward Bound had all of the subtle hints about what happened between these three that Riordan scattered throughout the series (think Jason, Hermes, the Cyclopes, and how Grover met the trio). Inkbender did an awesome job at weaving all of these elements together, and I thought the end product was marvelous.

One of the highlights of this story was how well she kept the characters in-character, especially Luke. Luke's characterization made my day. Go her!

This is one of those stories that keeps the reader flipping through the chapters through the very end. (And speaking of the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the epilogue. Nice touch, there.) This was an extraordinary story overall, and it was well worth the read. I definitely recommend Homeward Bound to anyone who enjoys Thuke, plot, and stories that make them think.

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